We focus on accounting: One of the most dynamic and thriving economic activities of the national industry. ​

We focus on accounting: One of the most dynamic and thriving economic activities of the national industry. G.C.P Consultants has proven to be an active agent in our clients’ financial development, through investigation, guidance and organizational counseling.


The experience of our professional team allows us to provide consultancy, counseling, and technical assistance in diverse areas, such as taxing, finances, administration, management and accounting.


Taking in to consideration the fact that, nowadays, companies require innovative solutions, we have conformed a team of specialized professionals in project development, responsive to the market’s needs. 

Our History

G.C.P. Consultants was founded back in 1989, and since then, it specializes in the personalized professional services of counseling, consultancy and technical assistance in diverse areas: taxing, finances, administration, management and accounting. 


However, some of the factors that need to be considered by entrepreneurs or even boards of directors that wish to make decisions driven towards the optimization of their management, the achievement of new levels of internal development and the accomplishment of consistent results, are high costs, adequate and professional working relationships and the potential hiring of specialized personnel. 

Having special regard for that reality and for the prevailing business dynamics, G.C.P Consultants has consolidated its position in the market. Our firm has directly contributed to the improvement of our client’s internal development, thanks to our consultancy, counseling and capacitation services portfolio.


Our more than two decades of experience, carefully crafted by our founders and the professionals that have bonded with our company, solidly assure each one of our clients that they’ll receive comprehensive support, contextualized investigation, capacitation and development.

As of today, G.C.P Consultants has been able to cultivate long term professional relationships with clients that operate in diverse sectors of economy. Those clients have trusted our external support, because it has sensibly contributed to correct decision making in both internal and external company affairs, despite their economic activity, size or even location.

The experience of our human resource in accounting, taxing, auditing and inspection, can cover even the most demanding standards of your company. 

Our company has implemented the necessary technology to vastly cover our client’s specific needs. 

Our company has an adequate financial structure to ensure our clients that it can fulfill their objectives in the context of the stipulated agreements. 

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