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External or Statutory Inspection

GCP Consultants systematically examines its client’s financial statements, records and transactions, to determine if they adhere to the generally accepted accounting principles, the very company’s internal policies and the local legal regulation.​

GCP Consultants designs and applies the taxing strategies and procedures that allows it to measure your company’s benefit, derived from the interpretation of the legal taxing regulation.  ​

In deep correlation to the accounting service package , GCP consultants exhaustively examines your company’s financial statements, to determine if they fulfill the legal requirements and if they are presented to the fiscal authorities in adequate manner and date.

The tax inspection service package acts as a guarantor in the fiscal, accountable and taxing sectors for our clients.  To achieve that, GCP Consultants strives for constant professional actualization, in order to accomplish a coherent, innovative, comprehensive and conceptual exercise of the tax inspection service in each and every company. ​

GCP CONSULTANTS will provide tailor-made services in your company’s facilities.


The development of the integral plan consists in the investigation and the preliminary analysis of the corporation. The next step is the construction of the strategic planning and the execution of the hire services. Through reports, we measure and use innovative solutions for your company.

We are GCP CONSULTANTS S.A.S., an active agent in the integral development of corporations through investigation, guidance and organizational counseling.


We specialize in tailor made consulting and technical assistance in different areas, such as: accountable, financial, taxing and administrative management.

We clear the path​

Our solid experience and long trajectory include the construction of long term business relationships with over 50 clients in the past 30 years.​

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